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What Affects Me

Welcome to my world nightmare. This is my page, if you want originality, write your own.


Right now, there's two areas for you to look at.



An essay in pictures on what affects me in Walthamstow.

This includes
   the world's largest collection of cycle lane marks (probably),
   an exciting collection of impressive aerials
   an equally exciting set of access panels,
   the missing trees of Walthamstow,
   and anything else that affects me.



A walk round Hawksmoor's churches


A selection of images from the Walthamstow area

Civic Pride Urban Decay The bizarre Aerials Prohibitions Cycles Access panels Missing Tree

The Hawksmoor Churches

St George's Bloomsbury, composite front viewChrist Church SpitalfieldsSt Anne's LimehouseSt Georges in the East, side viewSt Mary Woolnoth

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