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There's just no excuse for some things.

Above, From left to right:
Corporate planting in Morris Park.
In a world where every electronic device contains a superfluous clock, what we really needed for the millenium was this attractive Millenium Clock.
Not a mediaeval device for displaying severed heads, but a torch built to burn the olympic flame, should London's bid be successful.
What looks like a council-built combination of offices and flats, now privately managed. Note the tasteful set of armorial shields.





Wouldn't colleagues know where to go? Wouldn't visitors need to know what company this is?

Sign on Selbourne road: the back of Asda, probably.

Coat of Arms on Energy Centre, Church Hill




and just to show it doesn't have
to be tasteless, this one is on
the other side of the road

Pavement decoration showing the
location of the Greenwich Meridian




This field (marked sports ground on the map), off Folly Lane contains, for no apparent reason, a three-seater bench, resembling an alien landing craft. Or maybe it is an alien landing craft.


Not technically in Walthamstow, this incinerator is on the western boundary of Enfield, so it is very visible from Walthamstow. Waltham Forest sends its waste in the incinerator. (We have no plastics recycling because, hey its green buring them as fuel, isn't it?) Walthamstow also gets the plume most of the time, so that kinda makes it ours.

And now with the genius that turned harsh, barren Windscale, into friendly harmless Sellatape, it has been renamed The London Waste EcoPark.





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