Affects Me

The Urban Surface








































Most of the graffiti in Walthamstow has little of interest for the outside observer. Occasionally, however, the urban environment is enhanced with works of style, skill or wit.

Very witty this one. This is the side of an 'Art Gallery'. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund (Objective Two) and Waltham Forest's Arts and Leisure Department, The Changing Rooms Gallery is hardly ever open, and looks like a 50s seaside ice cream bar.

Was this piece part of an exhibition, or was it added by a passer by? Is it a comment on the Art, or is it the Art? Is Art constrained to occupy only the insides of galleries?

As I said, very witty.

Brightening up some very dreary containers at the entrance to Lloyd Park.

Interesting lettering

Pure menace.

Go on, Affect Me

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