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Road Signs

Compulsion, Prohibition, Advice, Information, Coercion, Exhortation.

This is the stuff of street signs. Signs on poles, signs in the roads. Curious psychological guides to the desired behaviour. An ever growing amount of red tarmac signalling - well, signalling what?

Can motorists take it all in, or does it cause as much confusion as it cures. You be the judge.



The Green Sign says 'Deliveries'.

What you, or a driver from behind you cannot see is that there are two roads here, but both signs have been placed one to either side of the same car park exit. The deliveries are to be made on the road behind the sign, not the road the delivery sign appears to be pointing up.


What's the speed limit?


What's a poor pedestrian to make of this?

What on earth can it mean?


No, I can't figure this one. Where are the bicycles they are warning pedestrians coming from? The fence looks very old. Much older than the habit of painting bicycles on every flat surface, anyway.


Caution, Bike (Bus) in back


This situation occured when a new refuge was built in the centre of the road, which did not leave any room for the marked cycle lane. As you can see, even this small van has to cross the entire cycle lane to get round the refuge.

Your reporter nearly got a bus in the back, by assuming that it was safe to walk on the pavement side of the lane while crossing the side road (where the arrow is pointing).

Fortunately, the cycle lane marks were completely removed within three days of the near miss.

The irony, is that the refuge is supposed to make things safer for pedestrians. (Hint, change the lane markings first.)


Cyclists here are told to mount the pavement. They must have run out of red tarmac (I should wish).


It's bad enough having to share pavements with cyclists using them illegally. It's positively insulting to find the road authorities forcing it on us. All that can be said in its favour is that the signage makes both parties aware that they are expected to share a space.



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